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   accommodation      artist      awards      caring      college      contest      editor      fees      industry      influential      millions      money      more      payments      school      singer      straight      thousands      tuition      worldwide  
The Nicki Minaj, 34, told of Twitter followers she would pay university tuition for some of them if they get A-grades. Ms Minaj will donate of dollars to 30 fans if they show they got A's at high school. She also promised to pay tuition fees in the future. Minaj tweeted: "Show me straight A's that I can [check] with your , and I'll pay [your fees]." She also joked that she might not have any after making the . One student asked Minaj for $6,000 to pay for his , books, classes and food.

Minaj did not plan to pay for her fans' . She first tweeted about a for someone to join her at a music show. A fan asked if she would pay for his fees and her tweets changed. Minaj was born in Trinidad and grew up in New York. A newspaper said she was, "the most female rapper of all time". She has sold 20 million singles as a solo , and another 60 million singles as a guest artist. One Twitter user called her, "one of the most… and generous people in all of the entertainment ".

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