Gap Fill - Ransomware - Level 2


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Microsoft is with America's National Security Agency (NSA). Microsoft said the WannaCry cyber-attack was because the NSA keeps cyber-weapons on its . Ransomware is a software that blocks access to computers until the pays money (a ransom) to the hackers. The NSA is a intelligence organization. It helps America's and information to stay safe. It also stops cyber-attacks against the USA. However, say the WannaCry ransomware used spying that were designed by the NSA.

Microsoft said must wake up to the problem of storing cyber-weapons. It said can steal them and it was as dangerous as stealing . Microsoft's president said: "This attack provides yet another of why [governments keeping these ]…is such a problem." Europe's police agency said WannaCry has affected 200,000 computers in 150 . It made many problems for Britain's National Health Service. Many were cancelled. Experts warned to back up their because more could come.

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