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   closely      dream      emotions      experience      feet      final      first      happiness      lower      matches      me      medal      media      much      now      promotion      simply      task      top      true  
German football has the first female referee in Europe's leagues. Germany's Bundesliga promoted Bibiana Steinhaus from the divisions of German football. She is very happy to be the top-flight female referee. She said: "It's a come true. I'm very looking forward to the ." She knows that people will be watching her to see how she does in top-level men's matches. She said: "I am aware that I…will be watched by the ". She added: "I'm used to pressure and am convinced I will find my quickly."

Steinhaus has a lot of as a referee. She has refereed Bundesliga 2 since 2011. She also refereed a women’s World Cup final and the women's gold match at the London Olympic games in 2012. After she heard about her , she said: "I was quite speechless. I feel disbelief, joy, , relief and curiosity. It was a roller-coaster ride of ." She added: "It has always been my dream to be a Bundesliga referee. That this dream will come naturally fills with joy." Steinhaus will next referee the Women’s Champions League .

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