Gap Fill - Flamingos - Level 1


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   always      answer      beautiful      bones      difficult      energy      hour      how      many      muscles      one      other      researcher      secret      skeleton      still      this      time      unique      us  
Scientists think they know flamingos stand on leg. We all love these birds doing . Scientists have wondered how they do this. Researchers say they have found the to this . A professor says the flamingo's helps it stand on one leg. Its hips and leg give the bird great balance. Flamingos do not have to use their a lot to keep standing on one leg.

Another said the flamingo is because it can stand on one leg. This is very for humans, even for one . Most of don't know that we're moving all the . Even when we stand still, our muscles work so we don't fall over. Flamingos do not need to use muscles to keep . They can save by standing on one leg. Saving energy could be why birds also stand on one leg.

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