Gap Fill - Education - Level 4


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   age      all      best      brain      change      classes      differently      emphasis      mistake      models      necessary      performance      problems      simple      skills      student      such      training      whether      worker  
Finland wants more than to have the world's education system. It wants to prepare students for the digital . It wants to put more on digital and workplace . An example of this would be to use 3D printers in for students to make of things they read about. There will also be in real-life work places. Students' would be judged by a teacher and by a from the company helping the .

One teacher explained why was . She said school is divided into subjects to learn, but our is not divided into subjects. She said students needed to think . They needed to think about the in the world. She questioned today's children get the skills to succeed in an inter-cultural world. She warned it would be a to let children think that the world is , and that they need is facts.

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