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Finland is not [satisfied / satisfaction] with constantly being top of the world's education leagues. The government is now planning to [reform / reformation] its education system [so / as] that young Finns are better prepared for the digital age. A [key / keyed] part of the proposed reforms is to place as much [emphasis / emphatic] on digital and workplace skills as on more traditional subjects. An example of this [would / will] be to use 3D printers in history classes [such / so] students can create models of ancient buildings. The government [addition / also] wants to promote vocational training and encourage learning in real-life work [sittings / settings] . Students' performance would be evaluated by a teacher as [well / good] as by an official from the company helping the student.

One teacher, Kirsti Lonka, explained why a [shift / shaft] in educational methods was [necessarily / necessary] . She said: "Traditionally, learning has been defined as a list of subject matters and [factual / facts] you need to acquire, such as arithmetic and grammar….But when it [goes / comes] to real life, our brain is not [divided / dividing] into disciplines in that way. We are thinking in a very [wholly / holistic] way, and when you think about the problems in the world - global crises, migration, the [economic / economy] , the post-truth era - we haven't really given our children the tools to [deal / heal] with this inter-cultural world." She added: "I think it is a [major / majority] mistake if we lead children to believe that the world is simple, and that if they learn [certain / certainly] facts, they are ready to go."

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