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Finland wants more than always being top of the world's education tables. It is planning to reform its education system to better prepare students for the digital age. A key part of this is to put more emphasis on digital and workplace skills. An example of this would be to use 3D printers in history classes for students to make models of ancient buildings. There will also be vocational training in real-life work settings. Students' performance would be judged by both a teacher and by an official from the company helping the student.

One teacher explained why a change was necessary. She said school is usually divided into subjects and facts that students must learn. She said real life is not like that because our brain is not divided into topics. She added that students needed to think in a broader way. They must think about the problems in the world, like migration, the economy, the post-truth era. She questioned whether today's children get the tools to deal with such an inter-cultural world. She warned it would be a big mistake to let children believe that the world is simple, and that all they need is facts.

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