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The words
A new report says the world is [slightly / slight] more peaceful than it was a year ago. The report was made by an organization [calling / called] the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP). The IEP has reported [in / on] world peace for the past 10 years. Every year, it [publishes / publish] a document called the Global Peace Index (GPI). This index [thanks / ranks] 163 countries and territories on their level of peacefulness. It also offers [advise / advice] on how to develop peaceful societies. The latest report found that the world [became / becomes] 0.28% more peaceful [over / under] the past year. Iceland is the most peaceful country [in / on] the world. It has been number one on the GPI since 2008. The [then / next] four most peaceful countries are New Zealand, Portugal, Austria and Denmark.

The report says that in the [past / passed] year, 93 countries have become more peaceful, while 68 have got [much / more] violent. Researchers measured many things to work [in / out] the level of peace in [each / all] country. They measured the murder rate, [how / what] easy it was to get weapons, terrorism and terror attacks, and the [numeral / number] of soldiers or police each country had. The IEP said Syria is the [least / last] peaceful country in the world. Syria has now been bottom of the list for five years in a [low / row] . The next four most violent countries are Afghanistan, Iraq, South Sudan and Yemen. The chairman of the IEP [warmed / warned] that: "The world is still stuck with conflict in the Middle East, political turmoil in the US, refugee [flaws / flows] , and terrorism in Europe."

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