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A new report says the world is more peaceful than it was a ago. The report was made by an organization called the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP). The IEP has reported on world peace for the 10 years. Every year, it publishes a called the Global Peace Index (GPI). This ranks 163 countries and territories on their of peacefulness. It also offers on how to develop peaceful . The latest report found that the world became 0.28% more peaceful over the past year. Iceland is the most peaceful country in the world. It has been one on the GPI since 2008. The four most peaceful countries are New Zealand, Portugal, Austria and Denmark.

The report says that in the year, 93 countries have become more peaceful, while 68 have got more . Researchers measured many to work out the level of peace in country. They measured the murder , how easy it was to get , terrorism and attacks, and the number of soldiers or police each country had. The IEP said Syria is the least peaceful country in the world. Syria has now been of the list for five years in a row. The next four most violent countries are Afghanistan, Iraq, South Sudan and Yemen. The chairman of the IEP warned that: "The world is still [stuck] with in the Middle East, political turmoil in the US, flows, and terrorism in Europe."

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