Gap Fill - Paris Agreement - Level 4


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   advisor      also      cleaner      coal      council      deal      decision      emissions      fossil      good      growth      industry      influence      inventor      jobs      plan      profits      real      role      strongly  
CEO and Elon Musk has quit his as on Donald Trump's business advisory . His was because the U.S. will pull out of the Paris Agreement. This is the climate signed by 195 countries to deal with greenhouse gas . Musk tweeted: "Climate change is . Leaving [the] Paris [Agreement] is not for America or the world." Disney CEO Bob Iger will quit the advisory council.

President Trump supports the fuel . He believes the Paris Agreement restricted business and . His supporters say leaving will help the industry to create and make greater . World leaders criticized the USA. France's president said: "There is no B on climate, because there is no planet B." The world is moving towards energy. Leaving the Paris Agreement may limit the USA's global .

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