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Trendy names make vegetables look tastier






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People eat more vegetables if they have trendy labels. Researchers found that vegetable sales went up by 25% if they had trendy-sounding names. They did their research on 600 diners at a university canteen. They labelled vegetable dishes in four different ways. Some had a "basic" label (with just the word "carrots"). There were two types of "health" labels and a trendy label. An example of the trendy label was "twisted citrus-glazed carrots".

Researchers created a wide choice to see how effective the labels were. They used many vegetables in their test. They used names like "dynamite chilli" and "tangy lime-seasoned beets". They said the dishes with the trendy labels were 25% more popular than those with the "basic" labels, and 41% more popular than those with other labels. A researcher said: "Labels really can influence our sensory experience, affecting how tasty…we think food will be."

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