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Starbucks opened a coffee shop in Japan's old capital of Kyoto. It is unlike other Starbucks. It has three tatami rooms that have no chairs. Tatami is a straw floor mat. People sit on cushions on the tatami floor. The shop is in a 100-year-old house in a historic area. It is on a pretty shopping street between two UNESCO World Heritage temples. The area is popular with tourists. Some of them wear kimono while they go sightseeing.

Starbucks wants its shop to blend in with the traditional area. There are no neon signs. There is a dark-blue curtain over the front door with a black logo on it. Starbucks reformed the house in the traditional style. It has a Japanese garden. The company wants to be a good neighbor. It will not let people line up in front of the shop. It will also limit the number of customers during the busiest times. This is to make sure the area stays quiet.

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