Speed Reading — Drinking Coffee - Level 5 — 200 wpm

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There is possible good news for coffee lovers. Drinking three or more cups a day may help you live longer. This is according to a study from the International Agency for Research on Cancer and Imperial College London. Researchers looked at data on half a million people over the age of 35 from 10 countries. They suggest that drinking coffee means a lower risk of early death, particularly from heart diseases. They said people who had at least three cups of coffee up to 18% less likely to die from health problems than non-coffee drinkers.

Not all experts agree with the research. Some say the health benefits of coffee could be because coffee drinkers have more money and so are healthier. They also say that coffee drinkers may socialize more and this may increase wellbeing and help people to live longer. They say the research does not prove that drinking coffee has health benefits. Researchers also warn against drinking too much coffee. The maximum amount of caffeine to be safe is around 400 mg. More than this increases the risk of panic attacks, heart problems, and insomnia.

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