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The words
Police officers in London have [been / being] given 1,000 special kits to deal with acid attacks. This is because the [numeral / number] of crimes using acid on London's streets has been [increased / increasing] . Two weeks ago, criminals sprayed acid in the faces of people to [robe / rob] them of their motorbikes. There were five [different / difference] acid attacks on just one night. The number of crimes [involved / involving] acid or other dangerous substances has more than doubled in London over the [passed / past] three years. A leading plastic surgeon today said the number of [patients / patient] he treats for acid attacks has [reached / reach] "epidemic" levels in London. Professor Peter Dziewulski said there had been an "explosion" of cases involving acid [for / since] the start of last year.

Rapid response police cars will now carry the 1,000 acid attack response kits. The kits [include / including] protective clothing and five-litre bottles of water. This [allow / allows] police officers to give immediate [treating / treatment] to victims sprayed with [acid / acidity] . Experts have said the rise in acid attacks could be because of a [cracking / crackdown] on knives and guns. Street gangs are now using acid instead because it is [easily / easy] to buy and easy to [hide / hidden] in soda bottles. Police spokesman Mike West [spoke / spoken] about acid attacks. He said: "These are life-changing injuries." He added: "I am confident that we are stepping up our [responsive / response] to this crime and we are looking for a safer way to identify some of the substances [on / at] the streets."

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