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New NASA job – to protect Earth from aliens






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There is a great new job at NASA. It is for a Planetary Protection Officer (PPO). The new PPO will have to make sure no alien life comes to Earth. The PPO will check astronauts and space equipment for alien bacteria. The job is on the usajobs.gov website. The new PPO will get paid up to $187,000 a year. The job is for three to five years. It is a unique job. NASA only has two PPOs. The job is only for U.S. citizens and U.S. nationals.

People must be well qualified for the job. They must have a degree in physical science, engineering or maths. People must have experience in planning and managing important American space programs. Finally, people must have discussion skills that lead to "win-win solutions". The new PPO will help to plan some future NASA missions. One of these is a trip to one of Jupiter's icy moons. This is to search for alien life.

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