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treat find ask marry lose visit leave give get accept
propose be buy want tell love post wear say be
A Chinese businessman 5,000 people to a free bowl of noodles because he his lost $45,000 engagement ring. The man's name is Mr Wang. He was going to his girlfriend to him last Sunday. However, he the engagement ring. He told reporters that he a noodle restaurant in the Chinese city of Chongqing and the ring there in his bag. Mr Wang was very lucky because a customer in the restaurant found the bag and it to the manager. The manager found Mr Wang's contact details in the bag and telephoned him. Mr Wang was very happy to the ring back. He then went to his girlfriend and proposed to her. She his proposal.

Mr Wang to his girlfriend and she accepted his proposal. He very happy and wanted to say thank you to the restaurant. On Tuesday, he 5,000 bowls of spicy noodles for the customers of the restaurant. This is the average daily sales of the shop. There was a 100-metre-long queue outside the shop. Many people a free bowl of noodles. Mr Wang reporters: "Chongqing has the woman I ….I feel very honoured and happy." He also a thank-you letter outside the restaurant with a picture of his fiancée the engagement ring. A local man : "I think the story is really moving. Love is beautiful and people's hearts more beautiful."

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