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The words
A Chinese businessman [treated / treatment] 5,000 people to a free bowl of noodles because he [founded / found] his lost $45,000 engagement ring. The man's name is Mr Wang. He was going to ask [his / this] girlfriend to marry him [past / last] Sunday. However, he lost the engagement ring. He told reporters that he visited a noodle restaurant in the Chinese city [off / of] Chongqing and left the ring there in his bag. Mr Wang was very [lucky / luckily] because a customer in the restaurant found the bag and [given / gave] it to the manager. The manager found Mr Wang's contact [detail / details] in the bag and telephoned him. Mr Wang was very [happily / happy] to get the ring back. He then went to his girlfriend and [proposed / proposal] to her. She accepted his proposal.

Mr Wang proposed to his girlfriend and she accepted [his / him] proposal. He was very happy and wanted to say [thank / thanks] you to the restaurant. On Tuesday, he bought 5,000 bowls of spicy noodles for the [customs / customers] of the restaurant. This is the average [day / daily] sales of the shop. There was a 100-metre-long [cue / queue] outside the shop. Many people wanted a [free / freed] bowl of noodles. Mr Wang told reporters: "Chongqing has the woman I [love / loving] ….I feel very honoured and happy." He also posted a thank-you letter outside [a / the] restaurant with a picture of his fiancée [wearing / worn] the engagement ring. A local man said: "I think the story is really moving. Love is beautiful and people's [heart / hearts] are more beautiful."

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