Speed Reading — Binge-Watching TV - Level 4 — 200 wpm 

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Binge-watching television can harm your health. Binge-viewing is watching TV shows non-stop in a single sitting. It has become popular globally because of streaming and downloading. Researchers surveyed 423 young people on their TV-viewing habits. They found that binge-viewing greatly interrupted sleep patterns. A professor said: "Binge-viewing is prevalent in young adults and that it may be harmful to their sleep."

The researchers asked people about sleep quality, fatigue and insomnia. They also asked how often they binge-watched television. Over 80 per cent of the people said they binge-watch. Binge-watchers are 98 per cent more likely to sleep poorly. "Bingeable" TV shows have stories that keep the viewer glued to the screen. Viewers become "intensely involved with the content and may keep thinking about it when they want to go to sleep".

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