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   afraid      because      community      court      crimes      discrimination      elsewhere      excuse      feeling      home      increase      more      negative      overseas      party      reason      religion      study      surge      year  
Many Jews in Britain want to leave the country of an increase in anti-Semitism hate . Anti-Semitism is hostility towards or against Jews. It is a hate crime. A recent in anti-Semitism has made one third of Jewish people in Britain want to move . New research shows that only 59 per cent of British Jews feel welcome in the UK, which is their . More than 10,000 British Jews were interviewed in the large-scale . Around 40 per cent of Britain's Jews said they felt and hid their in public. The research is from the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism (CAA). It found there has been a 45 per cent in anti-Semitic crime since 2014.

The study revealed that than three-quarters believed that Britain's largest left-wing political , the Labour Party, has fuelled anti-Semitism. People said its opinions on Israel created bad towards Jews. They also said its leader failed to crack down on anti-Semitism within the party. Another was the fact that very few anti-Semitic hate crimes go to . Fewer than 24 such crimes go to court each . The CAA warned that: "Without urgent change, British Jews may start to leave, as has happened in Europe." The UK government said: "There can never be an for hatred towards the Jewish , and wherever we find it, we shall oppose and challenge it."

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