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   area      company      compensation      cost      development      essential      eventual      finances      full      good      impact      information      iron      life      news      port      project      properly      unique      whales  
Chile has rejected a billion-dollar mining to protect marine . A company wanted to mine an that is home to 80 per cent of the world's Humboldt penguin, as well as blue , fin whales and sea otters. The Andes Iron mining wanted to mine millions of tons of and build a new . Chile's Environment Minister said development was , but not at the of the environment, health, "or to ecological areas in the world".

Chile's National Mining Society said this was bad . It said the project was for the economic of the country. It would have created $2.5 billion. The government said the company had not shown the negative of the project and questioned the project's . It said basic was missing and that was too low, "meaning…the impacts have not been taken care of".

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