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The government of Chile has [rejected / rejection] plans for a billion-dollar mining project because it would [disruption / disrupt] marine life. The area that was [threatened / threatening] with mining is home to 80 per cent of the world's Humboldt penguin. Other [creatures / creature] that live in the waters include blue whales, fin whales and sea [others / otters] . A mining company called Andes Iron had wanted to [extradite / extract] millions of tons of iron and copper in the north [for / of] Chile. It also wanted to build a new [port / part] to facilitate the mining process. Chile's Environment Minister told reporters: "I [firmly / firm] believe in development, but it cannot be at the cost of our environmental heritage or cause risk to health, or to unique [ecologically / ecological] areas in the world."

Chile's National Mining Society said the [decisions / decision] was bad news for mining and for the country. It said the mining [projection / project] was essential for the economic development of the [regional / region] and the country. The [controversial / controversially] mining project would have [generated / generates] $2.5 billion in revenue. Government ministers said the mining company had not shown the full [negative / negatively] impact of the mining project on the [locale / local] environment. It also questioned the project's finances. The Environmental Minister said: "There [are / is] deficiencies in basic information and insufficiencies [on / in] mitigation, compensation, and reparation measures, meaning we believe that the eventual impacts have not been properly taken care [off / of] ."

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