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wonder yawn see do find want try have be want
study look have video yawn monitor check treat look be
Do you ever why we yawn? Do you always when you other people yawn? A new study from Nottingham University in the UK has research on this. Researchers that yawning is contagious. It is a powerful and unstoppable reaction. People automatically to yawn when they see other people yawning. The researchers said people actually yawn more when they to stop yawning. The researchers also found that some people a much stronger urge to yawn than other people. Lead researcher Professor Stephen Jackson said that even reading about yawning could enough to make people yawn. You might even to yawn right now.

The researchers the reactions and brain activity of 36 adult volunteers. The volunteers at video clips of other people yawning. They then two choices - either to stop themselves yawning or to allow themselves to do it. The volunteers were as they or tried not to yawn. The researchers also the brain activity of the volunteers and how strong their feeling to want to yawn was. Jackson said understanding more about yawning will help to conditions such as dementia, epilepsy and Tourettes. He said: "We are for potential non-drug, personalized treatments…that might effective in [changing] imbalances in the brain."

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