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The words
Do you ever [wonder / wander] why we yawn? Do you always yawn when you see other people yawn? A new [studying / study] from Nottingham University in the UK has done research [on / in] this. Researchers found that yawning is [contagious / contagion] . It is a powerful and unstoppable [reacts / reaction] . People automatically want to yawn when they see [other / others] people yawning. The researchers said people [actual / actually] yawn more when they try to stop yawning. The researchers also found that some people have a much stronger [urgent / urge] to yawn than other people. Lead researcher Professor Stephen Jackson said that [even / ever] reading about yawning could be enough to make people yawn. You might even want to yawn right [now / then] .

The researchers studied the reactions and brain [active / activity] of 36 adult volunteers. The volunteers looked at video clips [of / off] other people yawning. They then had two [choice / choices] - either to stop themselves yawning or to [allow / allowance] themselves to do it. The volunteers were videoed as they yawned or [tired / tried] not to yawn. The researchers also monitored the brain activity of the [volunteers / voluntary] and checked [now / how] strong their feeling to want to yawn was. Jackson said understanding more about yawning will help to [treat / threat] conditions such as dementia, epilepsy and Tourettes. He said: "We are looking for potential non-drug, personalized [treatment / treatments] …that might be effective in changing imbalances [in / on] the brain."

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