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The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) has warned that an [estimate / estimated] 16 million children are "in [urgent / urgency] need of life-saving support" [following / followed] the torrential monsoon rains and [catastrophe / catastrophic] flooding that have hit Bangladesh, India and Nepal. Up to a [third / thirdly] of Bangladesh is currently under water. A total of 45 million people have been badly affected [in / on] the rains, which started [severe / several] weeks ago. UNICEF said: "Millions of children have seen their lives [wept / swept] away by these devastating floods. Children have lost their homes, schools and [even / eventual] friends and loved ones." It added: "There is a danger the worst could still be to come as rains continue and flood waters move [southern / south] ."

UNICEF said it is putting all its [efforts / effects] into helping those who need it most. It said: "We are on the ground working in [closet / close] coordination with [respective / respectively] governments and humanitarian partners in the South Asian countries to scale [down / up] our responses and respond to the immediate needs [at / of] affected children and their families." It added: "Massive damage to school infrastructure and [supply / supplies] means hundreds of thousands of children may [miss / missing] weeks or months of school. Getting children back [into / onto] school is absolutely critical in establishing a [sensible / sense] of stability for children during times of crisis and provides a sense of normality when everything else is [been / being] turned upside down."

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