Speed Reading — Mummies - Level 2 — 100 wpm 

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Archaeologists have found three 3,500-year-old mummies in Egypt. The mummies are a woman and her two sons. The woman may be the wife of a royal goldsmith called Amenemhat. There was a statue of the goldsmith with the woman in the tomb. The tomb is near Luxor on the River Nile. Luxor is 700km south of Cairo, the capital city of Egypt. The woman was about 50 when she died. She died from a bone disease.

The site that contains the tomb had a courtyard and two burial shafts. A team of Egyptian archaeologists spent six years digging in the site. One archaeologist told Arab News that Luxor has one-third of the world's ancient monuments. He said many visitors will enjoy looking at the new mummies. They will help Egypt's tourism industry. A top Egyptian archaeologist, Dr Khaled al-Anani, hopes there are more mummies in the area.

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