Speed Reading — Gaming - Level 4 — 500 wpm 

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This is the text (if you need help).

A hotel in Taiwan has opened for gamers. People who want to play their favourite games while travelling can go to the iHotel, near Taipei. Every room has two computers with 32-inch screens, gaming chairs, and soft lighting to create the perfect mood. The computers are next to each other. The rooms also have a 46-inch TV so guests can relax after gaming. The hotel's lobby also has a large gaming area for bigger groups.

Putting gaming consoles in hotel rooms may be beneficial. A study of 12,000 high school students showed that those who played online games almost every day scored above average grades in school tests. A university study showed that 6-to-11-year-old gamers increased their intellect and school grades. Critics warn of the harmful effects of gaming because they contain violence, sexual scenes, drugs and bad language.

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