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There is new [advice / advise] for older people to keep their strength up and live longer – carry [our / your] own shopping. The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) in the UK says it is [comparative / imperative] for the over-65s to keep active to [maintain / maintenance] their strength as they age. It warns that millions of people risk [failing / falling] over or injuring themselves because they are failing to maintain their strength. Falls among the elderly cause the [past / vast] majority of hip injuries. The CSP says nearly a [quarter / quarterly] of over-65s don't do any exercises to keep their muscles strong. A CSP spokesperson said: "Research shows getting stronger brings a whole [host / haste] of health benefits so it is [incredible / incredibly] important that people don't overlook strengthening when [being / been] active."

One [recommendation / recommending] the CSP made to the over-65s is to carry shopping home from the supermarket. It [warnings / warns] against Internet shopping, noting that while it is convenient, the [raise / rise] of Internet shopping means fewer people are getting their "shopping workout". Professor Karen Middleton, chief executive of CSP, said: "Research [shown / shows] getting stronger brings a [hole / whole] host of health benefits so it is [incredibly / incredible] that people don't overlook strengthening when being [actively / active] ." She also suggested gardening, vacuuming and standing [down / up] out of a chair 10 times. Professor Middleton added: "We must move [passed / past] the idea that becoming weaker and [frailer / frillier] is inevitable as we get older."

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