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The first scheduled commercial airplane has landed on the [remoteness / remote] British island of St Helena in the middle of the South Atlantic. The SA AirLink service from South Africa touched [up / down] at Saint Helena Airport on Saturday with 68 passengers [on / in] board. One passenger, Libby Weir-Breen, a British travel [operation / operator] , had flown from Scotland [especially / special] to be on the flight. She said: "I've never felt so [emotional / emotionally] in all my life. I never [thought / think] I'd see this day." The inaugural flight [mark / marks] a new era of accessibility for the island, which is 1,900 km west of the African [national / nation] of Angola. Previously, the only way of getting to Saint Helena was by a ship that [sailed / sealed] once every three weeks from Cape Town, South Africa.

Despite the positive [socially / social] and economic [effects / affects] the airport will have for the island and its tourism, the British [medium / media] have dubbed it as "the most useless airport in the world". The airport was [built / building] with $380m of British taxpayers' money. That's $80,000 for each of the island's [cohabitants / inhabitants] . It was [beset / best] with delays and was due to open in 2016, but dangerous wind conditions delayed the [launch / lunch] . The Governor of Saint Helena, Lisa Phillips, [dismissive / dismissed] the criticism. She said: "I've seen the headlines about the world's most useless airport, but for St Helena, this has already been the most useful airport. It's [priced / priceless] ." She added: "I for one am getting really excited about the new [chapter / sentence] in St Helena's history."

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