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The words
A new [study / studying] has found that pollution is now the world's biggest killer. One in six deaths worldwide is because [for / of] pollution. This is 16 per cent of all global deaths. Most of these deaths were from [not-infectious / non-infectious] diseases caused by pollution. These [including / include] heart disease, lung cancer and [strike / stroke] . The study was published in the medical journal 'The Lancet'. Researchers said most pollution-related [deathly / deaths] occurred in [poorer / poverty] countries. About 92 per cent of these deaths were in low-income nations, [especial / especially] countries where there is a lot of economic development, such [as / was] India and China. Bangladesh and Somalia were the worst [affected / affection] countries. Brunei and Sweden had the lowest numbers of pollution-related deaths.

Study co-author Karti Sandilya said: "Pollution, poverty, poor health, and social injustice are [deep / deeply] intertwined." He added: "Pollution threatens [fundamental / fundamentally] human rights, such as the [light / right] to life, health, wellbeing, and [safety / safe] work." He said air pollution was the biggest killer. Air pollution led to 6.5 million [prematurely / premature] deaths. The second biggest killer was water pollution, which [caused / causing] 1.8 million deaths. The next largest killer [was / were] pollution in the workplace, which was linked [to / at] 800,000 worldwide deaths. Scientist Dr Penny Woods said: "Air pollution is reaching crisis [paint / point] ." She said the people who pollution hit the hardest are those with breathing and lung [problems / problematic] , children and the elderly.

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