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The words
The United Arab Emirates is [started / starting] a new programme to teach people computer coding. One million people will [receive / receiving] free training to learn how to code [apps / applicants] and computer software. The new initiative was launched [to / by] the UAE's Prime Minister and ruler [off / of] Dubai Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. It is [called / calling] the One Million Arab Coders initiative. Sheikh Mohammad wants young Arabs in the Middle East to have the skills to [envelope / develop] the digital economy in their countries. Sheikh Mohammad said: "Coding will [create / creative] many job opportunities for young people to [complete / compete] . It will pave the way for them to participate in the global economy online, from [home / house] ."

The new initiative will [encourage / encouragement] the large number of young people [living / life] in the Middle East to get into [coding / coded] . Studies show that 50 per cent of the Arab population is under 25 years old, and that 40 per cent of [these / them] hope to own their own business [with / within] the next five years. Sheikh Mohammad said: "This project is part of our mission to spread [hopeful / hope] in the region, create employment opportunities and give our youth the skills needed [for / of] them to successfully lead our region [into / onto] the future." He added that: "From the world's leading companies to the [globally / global] economy itself, programming is the future." The top ten students will receive $50,000, while the top student will win a $1 million [price / prize] .

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