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Australia's high-speed, broadband is being attacked by thousands of birds. The country's and colourful cockatoos have taken a for chewing the broadband cables that cross Australian towns and cities. This is causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in . The National Broadband Network (NBN) that maintains the -optic cables spends around $60,000 each it is called out to fix the cables. The birds' is also causing frustration to Internet across the country. Users have reported Internet and painfully slow .

Cockatoos are a of parrot. They normally eat fruit, nuts, wood and . An NBN spokeswoman said she was why the birds liked chewing the cables. She guessed that it was the plastic that the broadband cables are . She told reporters: "They are sharpening their and as a result will attack and tear apart anything they come across. Unfortunately, they've developed a liking to our cables." She joked: "These birds are …I guess that's Australia for ; if the spiders and don't get you, the cockatoos will."

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