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The words
A Chinese media company has bought the [huge / hugely] popular social video app Musical.ly for $1 billion. Many people [pronunciation / pronounce] Musical.ly as "musically". The Chinese company is a technology giant [calling / called] Bytedance. The company hopes it will [became / become] the first Chinese social media site to become a [global / globally] brand. The Musical.ly app was started in Shanghai in 2014. It now has 60 million [actively / active] monthly [users / usage] . The app is very [popularity / popular] with young people. On Musical.ly, users can record and share 15-second to one-minute videos [for / of] themselves lip syncing to popular songs. They can edit the videos, make funny faces, change the speed, add [filters / filter] and play the videos backwards. People who use the app are called "musers".

Musical.ly is [set / bet] to become the next big thing [abroad / across] the social media world. It will probably become a part of [life / lively] for young people, and another thing for them to [share / shave] on their mobile phones. Bytedance's chief executive Zhang Yiming explained [what / why] his company bought the social video app. He said: "By [integration / integrating] Musical.ly's global reach with Bytedance's massive user [base / based] in China and key Asian markets, we are creating a [significant / significance] global platform for our content creators and [bland / brands] to engage with new markets." Bytedance also owns one of the world's biggest news apps, called Today's Headlines. This popular news service has 120 million [active / reactive] daily users.

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