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Train companies in Japan are [renowned / re-owned] for their punctuality. Many people claim Japan's rail network is the [envy / envious] of the world. Others say you can [let / set] your own watch using a Japanese train's departure. Most rail companies around the world apologize to passengers for [delayed / delay] trains or cancellations. However, the operators of Tokyo's Tsukuba Express [lined / line] apologized for one of its trains leaving 20 seconds too early on Tuesday. According to the [apology / apologize] , the high-speed train pulled [over / out] of a station 20 seconds earlier than scheduled due [to / for] staff members failing to check the departure timetable. Even though the company [issuing / issued] the apology, it said it had not received any [complaints / complaint] from passengers.

Bosses of the Tsukuba Express said the train crew did not [sufficient / sufficiently] check the departure time and failed to [accuracy / accurately] perform the departure operations. The company [made / did] a statement in Japanese on its website. It "deeply" apologized for the "[severely / severe] inconvenience" caused to passengers who missed the [scheduled / schedule] train, even though the next train was [justly / just] four minutes later. Many people tweeted about the apology. One tweet read: "Tokyo train company's apology for 20-second-early [departure / departs] is one of the best things about Japan." A UK [commuter / computer] tweeted: "They apologize for being 20 seconds early, and yet you don't get an apology from any [majority / major] UK train company [still / until] they're over 2 hours late."

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