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   about      about      against      against      at      by      During      for      for      for      for      in      in      in      in      in      of      of      of      on  
French President Emmanuel Macron has started a new project to try and bring an end to violence women. The project aims to educate the public and schoolchildren sexism and violence women. It will also improve police support victims domestic violence. President Macron spoke about the project Saturday, which was the International Day the Elimination of Violence Against Women. The new project has many aims. One aim is to teach school children pornography. A second goal is to make it easier rape and assault victims to go to the police. Another plan is to introduce stronger laws against harassing people the street.

President Macron has made reducing violence against women one his main projects. his speech, he observed a minute's silence the 123 women killed their husband or ex-husband 2016. One woman is killed in France every three days. Mr Macron said: "France should no longer be one those countries where women live fear." Fewer than one woman five goes to the police to report violence against them. Macron said: "Criminals who harass, insult, touch, or attack women must be identified and brought to justice." Macron's speech comes a time when a growing number of powerful men Hollywood, business, politics and the media face charges of sexual assault.

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