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The words
French President Emmanuel Macron has started a new project to try and bring an [end / finish] to violence against women. The project aims to [education / educate] the public and schoolchildren about [sexist / sexism] and violence against women. It will also improve police support [by / for] victims of domestic [violent / violence] . President Macron spoke about the project [on / in] Saturday, which was the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. The new project has [much / many] aims. One aim is to teach school children about [pornography / photography] . A second goal is to make it easier for rape and assault [victim / victims] to go to the police. Another plan is to introduce [stranger / stronger] laws against harassing people in the street.

President Macron has made [reducing / reduction] violence against women one of his [mainly / main] projects. During his speech, he [reserved / observed] a minute's silence [from / for] the 123 women killed by their husband or ex-husband in 2016. One woman is killed in France [all / every] three days. Mr Macron said: "France should no [longer / lengthier] be one of those countries where women live in fear." [Fewer / Less] than one woman in five goes to the police to report violence against [then / them] . Macron said: "Criminals who harass, insult, touch, or attack women must be identified and brought to justice." Macron's speech comes at a [time / timing] when a growing number of powerful men in Hollywood, business, politics and the media [head / face] charges of sexual assault.

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