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   aggression      allies      alternative      best      capital      course      cry      decision      embassy      grateful      historic      moment      more      officially      organizations      process      pursuit      rationale      reality      war  
The President of the USA, Donald Trump, has announced that the USA recognizes Jerusalem as the of Israel. This comes ahead of its moving from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The overturns decades of America having its embassy in Tel Aviv. Mr Trump explained the for his decision. He said he, "judged this of action to be in the interests of the USA, and the of peace between Israel and the Palestinians". He added that recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital was, "nothing or less than a recognition of ".

The UN called the decision "a of great anxiety". It said: "There is no to the two-state solution." Israel's Prime Minister said it was "a day". He was "profoundly " to Mr Trump. Palestinian leader, Ismail Haniya, described the decision as a "flagrant ," and "the official announcement of the end of the peace ". A Palestinian diplomat said Mr Trump, "is declaring in the Middle East and against 1.5 billion Muslims". Israel's Haaretz newspaper said it would give Iran and its "a wonderful rallying " and could help like ISIS.

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