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Listen to the 20 Questions.

  • Put the words below in the correct order to make the questions.
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1. you you headline did when the What think read?

2. images 'polar' hear mind are the when in What word you your?

3. do What bears polar of think you?

4. polar the was Why snow not and land across walking bear?

5. crew film some have food given the the Should bear?

6. How animals do happen things bad when get you to sad?

7. you do What change climate of think?

8. devastating warming global is things other What?

9. ice the the Arctic and How snow important in are?

10. a maker you be documentary Would to wildlife like?

11. this you reading article Did like?

12. you do What 'bear' word the hear you when of think?

13. about What what do you you read think?

14. bears polar about know you do What?

15. volunteer with group you work environmental Would to an?

16. been you've hungriest the What's?

17. it be How disappeared bears polar the if would sad?

18. bears entering human settlements What are the ? dangers of polar

19. adjectives best describe this news , and why What three?

20. like Paul What you ask would to Nicklen questions?

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Polar Bear - The 20 Questions

STUDENT A's QUESTIONS (Do not show these to student B)
  1. What did you think when you read the headline?
  2. What images are in your mind when you hear the word 'polar'?
  3. What do you think of polar bears?
  4. Why was the polar bear walking across land and not snow?
  5. Should the film crew have given the bear some food?
  6. How sad to you get when bad things happen to animals?
  7. What do you think of climate change?
  8. What other things is global warming devastating?
  9. How important are the ice and snow in the Arctic?
  10. Would you like to be a wildlife documentary maker?

STUDENT B's QUESTIONS (Do not show these to student A)
  1. Did you like reading this article? Why/not?
  2. What do you think of when you hear the word 'bear'?
  3. What do you think about what you read?
  4. What do you know about polar bears?
  5. Would you volunteer to work with an environmental group?
  6. What's the hungriest you've been?
  7. How sad would it be if the polar bears disappeared?
  8. What are the dangers of polar bears entering human settlements?
  9. What three adjectives best describe this news, and why?
  10. What questions would you like to ask Paul Nicklen?

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