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A video of a starving and [emancipated / emaciated] polar bear collapsing in Canada's wilderness has gone [viral / virtual] on the Internet. The video shows the bear in [searching / search] of food, wandering across land with no snow or ice. The creature is [some / all] skin and bones and is seen [forging / foraging] for food in rusty waste containers. It is at times too weak to support its own body weight and has [difficulty / difficult] standing. Paul Nicklen, the photographer who took the video [frontage / footage] , stated the polar bear's plight was a clear sign of the devastating [impact / compact] of climate change. He said [filmed / filming] the animal had been heart-wrenching. He explained his team were, "pushing through their tears and emotions [whole / while] documenting this dying polar bear".

Mr Nicklen is part of the environmental group Sea Legacy. His team was on Canada's Baffin Island to [shoot / fire] a documentary on conservation. He said the bear they filmed was not old and probably [dead / died] within hours. He said: "This is what [starvation / starved] looks like. The muscles [atrophy / trophy] . No energy. It's a slow, painful death." He [flamed / blamed] the bear's sad plight on global warming. He said: "As temperatures [rise / raise] and sea ice melts, polar bears lose [access / excess] to the main staple of their diets - seals." Climate change is the biggest [threat / treat] to the world’s 26,000 polar bears. The video explains that bears are, "starving, and running [in / out] of energy" and are "forced to [wonder / wander] into human settlements for any source of food."

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