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The words
A former Facebook [executive / exclusive] has said social media is doing great harm to [society / social] around the world. The executive is a man called Chamath Palihapitiya. He [joint / joined] Facebook in 2007 and became a vice president. He was [responsibility / responsible] for increasing the number of users Facebook had. Mr Palihapitiya said he feels very [guilty / guilt] about getting more people to use social networks. He said the networks are [destroying / destroys] society because they are changing people's behavior. Twenty years ago, people talked to [each / them] other face to face. Today, people message each other and do not talk. People also really [careful / care] about what other people think of them. They [post / posting] photos and wait to see how many people like the photo. They get very [sadly / sad] if people do not like the photo.

Mr Palihapitiya said people should take a long [broken / break] from social media so they can experience [real / really] life. He wants people to value each other instead [for / of] valuing online "hearts, likes, and thumbs-up". Palihapitiya also points out how fake news [are / is] affecting how we see the world. It is becoming easier for large websites to spread [lie / lies] . It is also becoming easier to hurt [another / other] people online. Anyone can hide [behind / before] a fake user name and post lies about other people. Palihapitiya said this was a [globally / global] problem. He is worried about social media so much that he has banned his children from using it. However, he did [state / stating] that Facebook was a good company. He said: "Of course, it's not all bad. Facebook overwhelmingly does good [on / in] the world."

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