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Scientists [believe / belief] there is a possibility that aliens are listening to us on Earth. Astronomers from a program called Breakthrough Listen are [exciting / excited] about a giant, mysterious space object that has [past / passed] close to our plant. Breakthrough Listen scientists [searching / search] for evidence of civilizations [beneath / beyond] Earth. The scientists work at the University of Hawaii. They described [the / an] object as an 800-meter-long, 80-meter-[wide / width] , cigar-shaped rock. Some scientists believe the rock has too many straight [lines / line] on it for it to be formed naturally. This suggests it could have been designed [of / by] some form of extra-terrestrial life. The scientists have [dabbed / dubbed] the rock Oumuamua, which means 'first messenger' in the Hawaiian language.

The astronomers first [spots / spotted] Oumuamua in October. It was travelling [at / on] great speed through the solar system and passed Earth at about 85 times [the / a] distance to the Moon. This is just a hair's [breadth / breed] relative to the vast expanses of the universe. Oumuamua is the first object spotted in the [polar / solar] system that appears to originate from another star system. The astronomers say its high speed of over 300,000 kph suggests it is outside the gravitational [push / pull] of the Sun and is instead [travelling / travel] on its own path that originated in another galaxy. The scientists said it was [highly / high] unlikely that Oumuamua was a sign that aliens exist, but the huge rock and its journey was a [uniquely / unique] event that possibly offered new [secrecy / secrets] .

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