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Researchers have found that singing in groups could have positive [affects / effects] on reducing anxiety and [depressive / depression] . The research is from the University of East Anglia in the UK, in [collaboration / collaborative] with a community [singing / sing] group called Sing Your Heart Out. A research team conducted the study to examine [what / how] singing with other people affects mental health. Researchers followed a group of participants [what / who] attended free [weekly / week] singing workshops for six months. They discovered that singing in groups was an [essence / essential] part in helping people recover from mental illness. [In / On] addition, it helped people feel valued, enhanced their [mood / moody] and increased their confidence, social skills and feeling of well-being.

Lead researcher, professor Tom Shakespeare, said: "We found that singing [as / was] part of a group contributes to people's [recover / recovery] from mental health problems." He added that: "All of the participants we spoke to reported [positively / positive] effects on their mental health as a [direction / direct] result of taking part [on / in] the singing workshops. For some, it represented one [competent / component] of a wider programme of support. For others, it stood out as key to their [recover / recovery] or maintenance of health." Professor Shakespeare explained: "We heard the participants calling the initiative a life [saver / server] and that it saved their [sane / sanity] ." He said: "The key thing for everyone was that the Sing Your Heart Out model induced [fun / funny] and happiness."

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