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   as      at      away      for      for      for      from      in      in      in      in      of      of      of      of      on      on      on      over      towards      up  
The United Kingdom is doing a lot to increase its use renewable energy. It is moving from fossil fuels and making more use green energies, such wind power, nuclear power and solar energy. New figures the UK's electricity provider show that the UK had its greenest year ever 2017 electricity production. It even had its first coal-free day for 150 years. The UK broke 13 clean energy records in 2017. In June, wind, nuclear and solar power produced more electricity than gas and coal combined. It was the first time this has ever happened. The UK's power system is now the fourth cleanest Europe and the seventh cleanest the world.

The United Kingdom has been trying to reduce the amount coal it uses. Coal now supplies less than 7 per cent the UK's electricity. A spokesman said it must now try to use less gas to make sure it meets its target greenhouse gas emissions. The UK currently uses too much gas. The conservation charity World Wildlife Fund said it was pleased that the UK is moving greener energy. It said: "We have never been cleaner or greener, and we are [target] an even better year 2018." It added: "Climate change is wreaking havoc our nature and wildlife, but we are last facing to the challenge. We are turning our backs polluting fossil fuels and embracing a new, clean future."

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