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The words
The United Kingdom is doing a lot to increase its [used / use] of renewable energy. It is moving [away / about] from fossil fuels and making more use of green energies, such [was / as] wind power, nuclear power and solar energy. New figures from the UK's electricity provider [shows / show] that the UK had its greenest year [ever / even] in 2017 for electricity production. It even had its first coal-free day for [above / over] 150 years. The UK broke 13 clean energy records in 2017. In June, wind, nuclear and solar power [produce / produced] more electricity than gas and coal [combined / combed] . It was the first time this has [never / ever] happened. The UK's power system is now the fourth cleanest in Europe and the seventh cleanest in [a / the] world.

The United Kingdom has been [tried / trying] to reduce the amount of coal it uses. Coal now [supplies / supply] less than 7 per cent of the UK's [electrical / electricity] . A spokesman said it must now try to use [fewer / less] gas to make sure it meets its target for greenhouse gas [emissions / remissions] . The UK currently uses too much gas. The [conversation / conservation] charity World Wildlife Fund said it was pleased that the UK is moving [forwards / towards] greener energy. It said: "We have never been cleaner or greener, and we are on target for an even better year in 2018." It added: "Climate change is [weakening / wreaking] havoc on our nature and wildlife, but we are at [last / lost] facing up to the challenge. We are turning our backs on polluting fossil fuels and embracing a new, [clean / cleanse] future."

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