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A school in the USA was after being swamped by to be absent fathers. The school is in the of Dallas. It asked for 50 male volunteers to be fathers in an event called "Breakfast with Dads". Organizers were flooded with . They were shocked after 600 men responded and turned up at the . The school's very first "Breakfast with Dads" event was to improve spirit. Most of the children come from low- families. Many of them did not have a father who could go to the .

The school said the breakfast event was of a plan to improve its position. Community and local organizations combined in projects to increase test scores. There has been some at the school because of their efforts. A pastor said: "When a young person sees someone other than their teacher take in them, it inspires them." A school liaison officer commented on the of the event. She said: "The look of awe, disbelief, in students' eyes as they made their way through the of "Dads" was astonishing."

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