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The words
A street-food seller in Bangkok wants to [give / giving] back a top international chef's award. The street-food seller is [knowing / known] as the "crab omelet queen". Her name is Supinya Junsuta but she calls [himself / herself] Jai Fai. Her street [stall / stalled] is in the middle of Bangkok and it is called Raan Jai Fai. Her crab omelets are of [so / such] good quality that the international dining guide Michelin awarded her a Michelin Star. A Michelin Star is one of [a / the] highest awards any chef [in / on] the world can receive. It is [usually / usual] only given to chefs in top hotels and restaurants. Michelin announced it would [been / be] adding Bangkok to its fine dining lists. Many people were [surprising / surprised] that a street-food seller in Bangkok received the Michelin Star.

Chefs are usually [happily / happy] to get the Michelin Star, but Jai Fai, 72, has told reporters she is not so [pleased / pleasure] that she got the award. She wants to return the star to Michelin. Ms Fai said the star has [charged / changed] her life too much. She wants to go back to how her [live / life] was before. She said she does not like the [flame / fame] that has come with the star. One reason is that too many people are [surrounding / surround] her stall and she is getting stressed. [Tourists / Tourism] come to take photos; passers-by stop to watch her; and [ever / even] some officials from the tax department came to visit her. Fai said: "Many people come [just / justice] to look and take pictures and not necessarily to eat." She said happy customers are more important to her [that / than] "a million stars".

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