Gap Fill - Vulgar Language - Level 4


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   always      ambassador      angry      anything      comments      comments      countries      Haitians      he      immigration      misinformed      people      racial      racist      remarks      reportedly      why      wonderful      words      worldwide  
Donald Trump has reportedly made comments about Haiti, El Salvador and African countries. In an meeting, he asked the US let people from "sh*thole " in. He also said: "We need more from Norway." A Republican described Trump's as "hate filled…and ". The White House did not deny that Trump made the . It said: "President Trump will fight for the American people."

People are at President Trump's alleged . Republican Mia Love said had to apologize. The UN called the "shocking" and "racist". Haiti's to the US stated: "The President was either or mis-educated about Haiti." President Trump denied making the comments. He tweeted: "Never said derogatory about Haitians….I have a relationship with ."

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