Gap Fill - Winter Olympics - Level 1


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   also      between      border      city      coach      flag      high      medal      missiles      news      peace      people      plan      relations      talks      team      tensions      unified      worried      years  
South and North Korea will use the same at the Winter Olympics. The Olympics are in February. They are in the South Korean of PyeongChang. People were because between the two countries are . North Korea has tested many . However, both countries decided to use a " Korea" flag. There will be a joint ice hockey . This might improve relations the two countries.

The better could bring peace . The Koreas have been divided since the 1950-53 Korean War. The Winter Olympics could help to bring . A cross- road will open for the first time in two . Not all Koreans are happy with this . Thousands of asked South Korea's president to forget about the . South Korea's hockey said a united hockey team could damage South Korea's chances of winning an Olympic .

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