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take make know perish rescue report be climb remain spend
attempt begin spot pick fly drop make be rescue put
A dramatic nighttime rescue has place on one of the world's most dangerous mountains. A team of elite mountain climbers from Poland a hazardous night ascent of the 8,126-meter-high Nanga Parbat in the Pakistani Himalayas. The peak is widely as "Killer Mountain" because of the number of climbers who have there. The Polish team French climber Elisabeth Revol from the slopes of Nanga Parbat. She was to have 7,400 meters up on the icy slopes. Unfortunately, a Polish climber Ms Revol had been with missing. The conditions were too treacherous for the rescuers to any further time on the rescue mission.

The team of Polish climbers had been the first ever winter ascent of the nearby K2 mountain, the second highest summit in the world. The drama on Saturday afternoon when military helicopters Revol in distress. The helicopters up the Polish climbers from K2 and them to Nanga Parbat, where they were off at an altitude of 4,900 meters. The team then its daring attempt in pitch darkness. Unfortunately, conditions too perilous for Ms Revol's co-climber Tomasz Mackiewicz to be . A rescuer said: "The rescue for Tomasz is unfortunately not possible. Because of the weather and altitude it would the life of rescuers in extreme danger."

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