Speed Reading — Designer Uniforms - Level 5 — 200 wpm

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Parents of an elementary school are angry at the $730 price of their child's school uniform. A public elementary school in Tokyo has decided its new school uniforms will be designed by the luxury designer Armani. The special uniforms include a hat and bag. It all costs ¥80,000 ($730). Parents are angry at the school's decision. They are protesting at the exorbitant price of the uniform. The school said it wanted a uniform that represented the rich area around the school. School officials visited department stores and asked the fashion brand Armani to design the uniform.

The uniform has created a fuss. It has been discussed in Japan's parliament. One lawmaker said that since the school is public, "a certain price range needs to be considered". Japan's finance minister said: "Clearly it's expensive. It would be tough if a student could not afford to pay." Japan's education minister said the financial burden on parents for uniforms should not be too high. Twitter users said children are not interested in designer clothes. The school principal accepted the criticism and said: "I will go on explaining carefully to those concerned."

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