Speed Reading — Drawing - Level 2 — 100 wpm 

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Humans who lived 35,000 years ago were not so good at drawing. The humans, called Neanderthal man, became extinct. They had large brains and made tools to hunt. They found it difficult to draw things. Later humans could draw animals on rocks and cave walls. An expert on pre-historic drawings studied photos and videos of early art. He studied drawings of animals made 30,000 years ago in the south of France.

The professor said hunting skills affected drawing ability. Neanderthal man hunted animals that were easy to kill. Later humans hunted dangerous animals. This needed better hand-eye movement. Neanderthal man could not use their hand-eye coordination to draw. The professor said later humans used drawings to plan hunting. They also used the drawings to discuss which parts of an animal's body to hit.

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